Restonic Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

Restonic, a leader in the bedding industry for more than six decades and maker of the Restonic memory foam mattress, has partnered with Outlast Technology, a manufacturer of innovative bedding materials to create their exclusive line of ThermoCool memory foam mattresses.

Winner of the ‘Best Buy’ award from Consumer’s Digest more times than all other bed and mattress manufacturers, Restonic is also the name behind the HealthRest Memory Foam Collection, which uses high density materials that are uniquely designed to react to one’s body temperature and individual form.

Restonic Mattresses Technology and Design

The ThermoCool memory foam Restonic mattress features an open celled construction to offer the ultimate in heat dissipation in comparison to the conventional type of memory foam used in other similarly designed mattresses. This particular type of construction process is said to reduce the chance of one becoming overheated during the night, helps to regulate body temperature, and also makes it easier for two people to be comfortable using the same number of blankets on the bed.

The Restonic memory foam mattress collection also utilizes the certified Outlast Technology, which was originally created for use in the U.S. space program NASA. The memory foam was designed to help astronauts deal with the incredible G force experienced during take-off. This type of visco-elastic memory foam has the capability of responding to both body weight and temperature, said to combine together to produce unparalleled comfort and a rejuvenating night’s sleep.

HealthRest Memory Foam Mattresses by Restonic

HealthRest memory foam is designed to conform to the body and offer durability and resistance to permanent body impressions, a rather common complaint when it comes to memory foam mattresses. The Restonic mattress is made with separate layers, each serving a different specific purpose. The first layer, or the base, is comprised of high density foam, followed by a layer of convoluted foam, or the open cell foam, which is in place to regulate temperature and dissipate body heat, then finally the top layer of memory foam.

The Restonic memory foam mattress the Sensi Pedic features 6.5 inches of high density foam for the core topped by 3.5 inches of five pound memory foam. For those people who are interested in a softer, more plush feel to their mattress, the Sensi Lux Plush model also has the same core as the Sensi Pedic but includes four full inches of the five pound memory foam on top.

The Sensi Rest Plush by Restonic is similar to the Sensi Pedic model but contains yet another layer of one inch thick convoluted foam for dissipating body heat. Anyone who has ever slept on a mattress made of memory foam can attest to the fact that it does cause you to feel a bit warmer throughout the night as opposed to the traditional, spring mattresses, which makes this type of technology all the more beneficial.

The only down side reported to these particular memory foam mattresses was the fact that they had to be turned or rotated periodically to avoid indentations in the mattress and to maintain durability.

But, based on reviews from current owners of a Restonic mattress made of their proprietary memory foam and high tech manufacturing processes, the product line offers superior comfort, quality support, and overall value for the price.

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