Sensa Pedic Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

If you have read any Sensa Pedic memory foam mattress reviews and ratings, you will already know that this mattress is highly thought of and Sensa Pedic mattresses are very popular because of the comfort they provide and the important body support they guarantee as well.

What is Sensa Visco Memory Foam?

A Sensa Pedic memory foam mattress is made with Sensa visco memory foam. This foam can tell a person’s temperature and weight and use this information to suit the individual’s needs. The foam absorbs body pressure and reflects it away from the body. When you get off the mattress, it returns to its original shape. This eliminates a lot of tossing and turning which can be caused by the pressure between the body and a mattress and results in a better quality of undisturbed sleep.

These mattresses are suitable for couples sleeping together because if one moves, it does not disturb the other, because the movements are absorbed. This offers a low pressure sleep environment because the mattress is able to suit both individuals simultaneously, regardless of individual body temperature or weight.

Types of Sensa-Pedic Memory Foam Mattress

If you have read many Sensa Pedic memory foam mattress reviews and ratings, you will probably be aware that there are different types of Sensa Pedic mattresses to choose from. The Sensa Pedic Vintage model has a density of 5.3 lbs to contour to your body and give a restful night’s sleep. The five inch high support base works well with the Sensa visco-memory to give unfailing support. The mattress cover is poly-cotton velour and non-skid.

The Sensa Pedic Majestic mattress is ten inches high and has a six inch premium high density support base with a visco-memory upper to give great ergonomic support.

The Sensa Pedic Celebration mattress has a quilted Sensa visco-memory pillowtop mattress which is thirteen inches high. The support base is eight inches high and this mattress is covered in a cashmere shimmer velour cover with a non-skid bottom and handles.

You can even choose a Sensa Pedic memory foam mattress in dual firmness, which means half the mattress is firm and half is soft. This is ideal for couples who have different preferences in mattress firmness or when one partner suffer from an illness requiring a higher level of mattress firmness. What usually happens when one partner has a specific preference is that the other partner compromises and accepts a harder or softer mattress than what he or she would prefer.

With the dual firmness SensaPedic mattresses, this is no longer a problem and the couple can both enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep on the texture of their choice.

The Sensa visco memory foam has a density of 5.3 lbs. Mattresses with a lower density are believed to offer less support and conformation to the body shape. Mattresses with a higher density are slower to recover and get back in their original shape.

If you suffer from allergies, you will be pleased to know that a SensaPedic memory foam mattress is mold, mildew and dust mite resistant thanks to its tri-cot inner liner. Even if you do not have allergies, this information still tells you that these mattresses provide a clean and healthy place to sleep.

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